Here's how I couple a stepping motor to a lead screw
A co-worker gave me the Xslide you see on the the base plate.

You can see the groove where the permanent lead screw will reside.
About in the center, I'll cut a pocket for the nut, as shown below.

Inside that tube is the actual teflon nut. It's pressed into the tube. I still will put a retainer in each end of the tube to ensure the nut doesn't move. Should the time come to need a jam nut to remove backlash, then I'll add another teflon nut like this one, but without the mounting flange.

Below is the lead nut on the Y axis. It should never need a jam nut. Should the teflon wear enough to cause backlash, I only have to tighten the clamp and that will compress the teflon.

The mounting block was made from material that wasn't thick enough to reach the Y axis transport so I had to make a spacer. It works!
I have the lead nut for the X axis ready to finish. See it on the NEXT PAGE
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