Coco CNC Milling Machine Project
Well, I finally got the lead nut fitted into the slide. Now I get to finish that nut. I had to deepen the slot end to end to make more room for the lead screw. ( A small miscalculation on my part).
The pocket for the nut had to be deeper than the Z axis could reach, so after some brainworking, I realized all I had to do was raise this X-axis slide. Some washers and longer bolts allowed an extra 1/4 inch. That did the trick. After I finish this nut ie: Silver solder the tube to the bracket and secure the teflon nut inside it, then I have to remove the slide and use my mill out in the shop to cut out the end of it so I can mount the stepper and lead screw. Once done, then I can re-install it onto this CNC machine and then drill and tap the holes for the working table to be secured to this slide. That temporary lead screw you see will be history.
Well, here it is. All parts are in place and ready for more enhancements.
I now can start drilling and tapping to make ways to mount fixtures to the table. Meanwhile, I'm going to place a piece of paper on that table and start drawing things.
Before I start grinding on things, I need to cover the coupler at the motor on the X axis. That's about all that is needed at this time, other than a way to control the chips flying out of this thing. Right now, I have some beer box cardboard cut and fitted to do this.
Also, I need to reinforce the vertical angle iron that the Y and Z axis are mounted on. This will make it more stable.
02/15/2008 2150 hrs

I found that after smashing the dremmel into the table more than once, the clamps for the dremmel have to be modified. As of now, they aren't really clamps, they are friction fit and I need to drill and cut and tap them so I can get them really tight onto the dremmel. No big deal. It was in my original plan, but I was lazy and haven't done it. Now it's time.
When I smash the dremmel, the dremmel moves inside those mounts and the mounts do move in a fasion that tosses the X axis out of position. So.. here we go, bach to the shop to fix that.. or do what I was supposed to do to start with.
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